Fibreking Microfibre Cloths 36pk

Premium microfibre cloths are designed to lift trapped dirt and moisture, leaving a clean, dry, and polished surface.

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Brand: Fibreking



Fibreking Microfibre cloths are safe to use on cars, motorcycles, karts, boats and surfaces around the workshop and home. Used dry, FibreKing premium microfibre cloths will work ‘like magic’ without scratching, linting or streaking surfaces.Used wet, it will absorb up to 8 times its own weight in water.These microfibre cloths can be easily washed and reused.Super absorbent and washable Perfect for cleaning and polishing 

  • Lint-free 
  • Removes wax without scratches. 
  • Cleans without chemicals. 

Material: 85% polyester, 15% polyamide 

Dimensions: H 40.6 x W 40.6 cm 325 GSM 

Not to be used with strong chemicals that may cause bleeding of dye. Tag-less 

All Fibreking microfibre towels are machine washable. 

Follow the instructions below to preserve the life of your microfibre cloths: Machine wash on a low spin cycle, between 30°C and 40°c with a mild, liquid detergent that is free of any dyes and perfumes. 

Wash with similar colours only due to potential colour run on the first wash. 

  • Do NOT tumble dry. 
  • Do NOT iron. 
  • Do NOT Use fabric softener. 
  • Do NOT Use Chlorine Bleach 

We recommend washing new microfibre towels prior to the first use to remove any loose fibres from manufacturing.


Synergy Lite V2 is a true 1-year ceramic coating that can be applied outside and is extremely forgiving in nature, which makes it the perfect choice for DIY application or for mobile valeters & detailers. Its 100ml glass bottle contains enough product to cover 5 vehicles making it one of the best value ceramic coatings available.Synergy Lite is made from the same polysilazane resin as our professional coatings, just with a lower ceramic content. This is combined with a trio of advanced solvents that allow the coating to be spread easily on a vehicle without the use of any oils. Finally, a polymer is added that bleeds through the ceramic and forms a top layer over the coating. This protects the vulnerable ceramic as it cures, and allows you to apply the coating to vehicles outdoors without causing failure. Lite is a true ceramic coating and when applied correctly and not washed for 7 days after application will reach 9H mohs hardness just like the longer term coatings. Synergy Lite is a last stage protection product and should only be applied after thoroughly washing, decontaminating, polishing (if required) Ceramic coatings only work if they bond correctly to the paint so ensuring you prepare the vehicle correctly is very important.