Primo Wax 50ml
Premium wax for a deep and durable shine.
£ 19.99 19.990000000000002 GBP
M1 All Metal Polish 100ml
Polish for a brilliant shine on metal surfaces.
£ 11.99 11.99 GBP
Koch-Chemie F6 Fine compound
A Fine polishing compound That’s silicone & Oil free. Best used with Koch Chemie fine cut pads
£ 16.99 16.990000000000002 GBP
Koch-Chemie H8 Heavy Compound
A Coarse polishing compound that’s silicone & Oil free. Best used with Koch-Chemie Heavy cut Pads
£ 13.99 13.99 GBP
Koch-Chemie Fine cut pad
Medium abrasive Pad for removing light weathering and scratches. Best used with Koch-Chemie F6 fine compound.
£ 7.99 7.99 GBP
Koch-Chemie Heavy cut pad
Abrasive pad for removing deep scratches. Best used with Koch-Chemie Heavy compound.
£ 7.99 7.99 GBP
Coarse High Performance Polishing compound
RUPES DA Coarse High Performance Polishing Compound
£ 18.99 18.990000000000002 GBP
Fine High Performance Polishing Compound
Excellent cutting performance relative to most “fine” polishing compounds
£ 15.99 15.99 GBP
DA High Performance Coarse Foam Pad
The D-A Coarse Pads have a special open cell foam material
£ 7.99 7.99 GBP
DA High Performance Fine Foam Pad
The D-A FINE Microfiber Polishing Pads for Dual Action polishers
£ 7.99 7.99 GBP
DA High Performance Ultrafine Foam Pad
The D-A ULTRA-FINE foam pad is designed for high gloss finishing and polishing
£ 7.99 7.99 GBP
Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR15 Dual Action Machine Polisher
The Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR15 polisher.
£ 750.00 750.0 GBP
Skara- Gloss enhancing polish
Micro-abrasive fine cut polish to clean, glaze and seal gloss paintwork.
£ 14.00 14.0 GBP
Uno Protect- One step polish sealant & Compound
RUPES UNO PROTECT is an “all-in-one” compound, polish, and protectant that can remove light defects and leave a high-gloss, protected finish, in just one-step.
£ 15.99 15.99 GBP