Super De-greaser 500ml

Super Strength Gel based De-greaser

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Brand: Infinity Wax
Bottle Size: 500ml



A sticky Gel that can be diluted to preference & specifically targets engine, cv grease & other heavy oil depositsSuper-Degreaser is the product you reach for when all purpose cleaner just won't cut it. Its gel like appearance allows it to be sprayed but also stick and dwell on the contaminated surface for up to 20 minutes. While dwelling, the product begins an emulsification process to combine itself with the grease or oil and allows you to rinse or brush it away very easily. What's it made from? This is a water based cleaner, which is important if you are spraying on or around an internal combustion engine. Its alkaline surfactants are made from the most powerful sodium based material, combined with strong emulsifiers and release agents.


Synergy Lite V2 is a true 1-year ceramic coating that can be applied outside and is extremely forgiving in nature, which makes it the perfect choice for DIY application or for mobile valeters & detailers. Its 100ml glass bottle contains enough product to cover 5 vehicles making it one of the best value ceramic coatings available.Synergy Lite is made from the same polysilazane resin as our professional coatings, just with a lower ceramic content. This is combined with a trio of advanced solvents that allow the coating to be spread easily on a vehicle without the use of any oils. Finally, a polymer is added that bleeds through the ceramic and forms a top layer over the coating. This protects the vulnerable ceramic as it cures, and allows you to apply the coating to vehicles outdoors without causing failure. Lite is a true ceramic coating and when applied correctly and not washed for 7 days after application will reach 9H mohs hardness just like the longer term coatings. Synergy Lite is a last stage protection product and should only be applied after thoroughly washing, decontaminating, polishing (if required) Ceramic coatings only work if they bond correctly to the paint so ensuring you prepare the vehicle correctly is very important.